Serve & Serve Receive App

Challenge your athletes with real-time stats on who is the best server, who is the best passer. Create challenge situations with passer versus passer(s).

Serve & Serve Receive Practice App

The Statistical Data Collection app allows for the collection of volleyball statistics for player performance evaluation, including the ability to record 3 pass, 2 pass, 1 pass, aces and errors. Totals, averages, pass ratings and serve ratings will calculate automatically.

The Summary Sheet gathers the statistics from each of the individual players in a central location. The Practice Stats and Season Stats buttons can be used to alternate between stats for the current session and stats for the entire season. The current selection will show a blue border around the button and the selection can be changed by selecting the desired button.

A pdf of the current view can be emailed as well.

Each statistic calculates automatically based on information provided on the individual player results pages. Players without statistics in a given category shall not be ranked yet.

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