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SportsCan offers a variety of tailored consulting services, workshops and presentations.


Colin Walker, B. PHE(hons), B. Ed., OCT, ChPC., describes it as his life mission to provide every child with the opportunity to develop confidence, grit and a desire to be physically active for life. He wants Physical Literacy and Growth Mind Set to be as commonplace – and as expected – as reading literacy and numeracy.A life long coach and elementary school teacher, Colin has taught and coached throughout his 30+ adults years. His diverse background in teaching, working with children, athletic coaching, coach mentoring, and teacher/ coach trainer makes him extremely well rounded and lends to his tireless desire to get all people healthy and active.

The happily married father of two is the Founder/Owner of SportsCan whose “PLAY WITH PURPOSE” philosophy helped lead him to presenting at numerous local, Provincial and National conferences. He is an active member of the Coaches Association of Canada and his local school board elementary athletic association. Colin’s tireless pursuit of spreading the word of Physical Literacy and Growth Mindset makes him an excellent choice for any organization looking to support children’s physical and mental health.

“Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.” – The International Physical Literacy Association, May 2014

Long Term Athlete Development, Growth Mind Set, Grit all key components to an athletes development.

Community Groups, Sport Clubs, etc… from start up to a fresh set of eyes. 30+ years in the industry provide a wealth of experience and knowledge we are willing to share to help your organization support your athletes to the max!

Workshops & Presentations

With the ever increasing requirements of the competitive athlete to fully develop their potential, the volunteer coach cannot effectively deliver all necessary technical and tactical elements in addition to educating their athletes in the area of Nutrition, Conditioning, and Mental Training.

Our Mental Skills Coaches, Sports Dieticians, Athletic Conditioning Coaches and Video support Coaches will work with your current coaches to develop team ancillary training that can be delivered before, during or after practices. This training can range in length from 30-minutes to 90-minutes and will be customized to meet each teams requirements.
The Ancillary Coaches will work with coaches to determine the greatest needs of their team and develop a strategy to address the needs of athletes that fit within the seasonal plan.

We offer programs with each of the below coaches:

  • Nutrition Coach 
  • Conditioning Coach
  • Mental Skills Coach
  • Video Coach

Sessions will be added as they are offered. 

Nutrition Coach

Educating athletes, coaches and parents on how to ensure the athletes required nutritional demands are achieved.

Teams can arrange for our Nutrition Coach to travel to your training location, where workshops can be provided to athletes, coaches, and parents prior to, or following your regular training schedule. There is also the option to attend our facility should that be of greater convenience. Our Nutrition Coaches are experienced in working with athletes as young as 6 years of age, all the way up to professional athletes. Each of our workshops is tailored to be age appropriate while still ensuring the objectives of the workshop are clearly delivered and that implementation strategies are established.

Team Workshops

Providing professionally designed workshops by Sports Dietitians and delivered by highly trained Nutrition Coaches to your athletes, coaches, and parents. Various workshops include, but are not limited to:

1. Nutrition for Competition & Training
2. Sports Nutrition 101
3. On the Road: Eating at Tournaments and Competitions
4. Sports Nutrition for Parents
5. Eating for Energy
6. Hydration

Individual Sessions

  • Please contact us for more details.

Single Team Session

  • 60 Minutes Session

$150 + HST per Team

Multiple Sessions- Special Pricing, contact us for details

Conditioning Coach

Providing functional movement testing and the development and delivery of sport specific programs that addresses the individual needs of each athlete.

Our certified Athletic Conditioning Coach will work with you to deliver an appropriate program to ensure accelerated windows of trainability are maximized and the conditioning program fits within your seasonal plan to enable the athletes to peak as appropriate. As well the Conditioning Coach will help the athletes learn how they can accelerate their recovery and regeneration after training and competition through proper stretching and other techniques.

Mobility Testing

Before any conditioning program is undertaken a full athletic mobility test should be performed on each athlete; this will identify any imbalances, injuries that have not healed properly and weaknesses in the athlete. Our team of Conditioning Coaches will properly assess each athlete and provide an individual report identifying any areas of concern.
Sport Specific Program Design & Delivery

Our certified trainers create sport specific training programs that are tailored to your team’s seasonal plan. Our programs can include on-site solutions where our trainer travels to your training location to introduce and administer your team’s training sessions each week. With each team program, our trainers take into account any individual athlete needs that are revealed in the athletic & mobility tests to ensure optimal development and performance.

Athletic & Mobility Testing

  • Includes written report

$35 + HST per Athlete

Athletic Training Single Team Session

  • 60 Minute Session

$150 + HST per Session

Athletic Training Multiple Team Sessions: Special Pricing available, contact us for details

Mental Skills Coach

Providing a progressive curriculum of mental skills to help optimize athletes training and competition efforts

Teams can arrange for our Mental Training Coach to travel to their training locations, search where workshops can be provided to athletes, coaches, and parents prior to or following their regular training schedule. There is also the option to attend our facility for any requested workshop.

• Individual Workshops

Our Mental Training Coach will work one on one with the athlete for various athletic scenarios. From planning for a major competition to facing the “yips” in a golf swing. Our experienced coaches will help the athlete develop a game plan and provide exercises to help achieve the indented goal.
• Team Workshops

Our Mental Training Coach will provide athletes, coaches, and parents with a series of mental training skills needed to achieve optimal performance both in training and competition. Each skill is delivered through a curriculum designed to introduce, develop and refine the various skills. Curriculums for the various workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Goal Setting (Team & Individual, Yearly & Daily)
  • Imagery, Mental Rehearsal (Visualization)
  • Stress Management (Relaxation, Self Talk)
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Creating the OPS (Optimal Performance State)
  • Planning for Success (Recovery, Routine, Action Plans)

Single Individual Session
• 60-90 Minute Session

$75 + HST per Session
Multiple Individual Sessions:
• 60-90 Minute Session

Special Pricing based on number of sessions, contact us for details
Single Team Session
• 60-90 Minute Session

$150 + HST per Session
Team Program: Contact us for details
• Package Deal
• This will include 6 team training session of your choice and ongoing support through out the season. This may take the form to emails, phone calls and face to face communication.

Video Coach

Providing access and use to the same video analysis equipment utilized in the Olympics and Pro Sports.

SportsCan is a licensed provider of the leading edge video analysis software Dartfish. Our trained Video Coach will travel to your training location and set up the equipment allowing you to transform a regular practice into one where athletes can quickly have their skills captured, played back, compared with others, and analyzed by their own coach, then repeating the process over and over.

Teams who utilize this service quickly witness just how fast and dramatic the changes happen in their athletes performance, making it obvious why so many professional and Olympic teams currently utilize this technology.

Live Delay: Provides a completely hands-free way of reviewing video during training which makes it especially useful for fast and accurate error detection during training. It simply delays the display on the computer screen of the images that the camera continuously observes. For example, a coach might explain adjustments required and then leave the athlete to practice, using LiveAction to confirm the adjustment is being executed correctly.

Simul Cam: This unique patented video technology superimposes one athletic movement over another for precise comparisons as seen during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

StroMotion: StroMotion creates stunning trajectory video footage revealing the evolution of an athlete’s movement, technique, execution and tactics. StroMotion reveals this evolution over space and time in an immediate, intuitive fashion.

At Practice

• Live Delay with Dartfish Technician

$125 + HST per Session, Multiple Session Pricing Available, Contact us for details

Exciting Changes Coming Soon! Stay tuned as we transform. Big things are on the horizon!