Summer Camps

Fundamental movement skills are at the core of what we teach to our young athletes. Our summer programs offer a wide range of sports and options to promote lifelong physical activity.

Multi Sport Summer Camp

Our Camp is designed to encourage a healthy active lifestyle through developing proper fundamental movement and physical literacy skills with a focus on character development. Our program provides the opportunity for participants to learn the importance of respect, fairness, cooperation, responsibility, acceptance, and perseverance through a series of activities that are easily adapted to meet all skill levels. Our program helps children learn new skills in a variety of sports, gaining confidence in ones abilities and fostering a lifelong love of physical activities among all participants regardless of their level of physical development and training experience.

Participants: 6 – 12 Years Old
FUNdamentals Group: 6-9 year olds
Learn To Train Group: 10-12 year olds

Camp Dates: TBD

Times: 8:30 – 4:30pm
Early Drop off 8:00 am and Late Pick-up 5:00 pm, Available

Location: Fielding Drive PS

Cost: $240 +HST

Summer Camp will provide instruction and participation in the following sports.
-Golf: Learn To Train Group
-Cycling: FUNdamentals Group
****Our cycling segment is scheduled for Wednesday and will have Thursday and then Friday as replacement days for inclement weather.****Participants are required to bring a helmet and bike that they are comfortable riding without the direct supervision of a staff member (Training wheels are encouraged if required by the child). If the participant would like to pass on the cycling portion of the camp we will arrange alternate activities for that portion of the camp.

@ Home 1-Week Summer Sports Camp

Purpose: To provide both instruction in physical literacy/ basic sport skill and academic practice with supervised care for children in a safe environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Concept: small group format of 3-8 children from 2-3 families. 1 instructor per group @ home/ local community environment Instruction in physical literacy concepts Opportunity to maintain/ practice academic skills

8:30 – Meet at set location (garage of one family)

8:40 – Temperature Testing and health screening

9:30 – Station #1

10:45 – Snack/ academic time

11:45 – Free Play

12:30 – Lunch

12:45 – quiet time: arts and crafts/ non electronic games/ reading

1:30 – Station #2

3:00 – Snack/ quiet time

3:15 – Free Play

4:30 – gather a departing location

  1. After meeting at the designated Home Base and doing the COVID-19 Health Check the day will start with Station #1, an instruction-based activity. The location of the activity will depend on the activity type and weather. (see Table)
  2. From there group will return to home base for a bathroom break and snack. After that the children will spend the next 45 minutes working on academics (the Great Canadian Curriculum book as a suggestion for their appropriate grade level). Staff will be present to support the children and guide them through the exercises.
  3. After the academic time it is time to get moving with free play. This may involve a bike ride, a walk in the neighbourhood, free time at the park with a ball, etc or swim time a local private pool. The pool will have a lifeguard to provide appropriate supervision along with the group counselor.
  4. We will have lunch in the shade or at the home base.
  5. Quiet time will follow where children will have access to arts & crafts, quiet reading, board games/ puzzles, but no electronics!
  6. Next, we will move to Station #2, an instruction-based activity. The location of the activity will depend on the activity type and weather. (see Table)
  7. We will follow that up with a quick snack and bathroom break.
  8. Finally, we will finish the day with active free time where sporting equipment will be provided for children to create their own activities.
  9. At the end of the day we will gather back at the “Home base” or have parent’s pick up their children at our last venue.  
  1. Access to a washroom that can be cleaned after each use.
  2. Will need to have a “Home Base” that we can quickly get to in an emergency from station location.
  3. Extra staff to provide emergency bathroom situations, versus packing everyone up in the middle of a lesson.
  4. Continuous bad weather. As there most likely be no public facility available to rent we will rely on the home, the garage is a safe zone but does not promote optimal physical movement. Thus, we will need to dress for the weather! In severe cases the day may need to be cancelled “Snow Day”.
  5. Importance of proper handwashing and sanitizing when handwashing not possible. Everyone will need to supply their own COVID-19 Supplies: sanitizer, soap and towel
  6. We are in contact with Ottawa Public Health to get a proper protocol for this type of event.
  7. Importance of Parent checking child before bringing them to the camp and/ or coming to pick them up if staff deem them as a risk. Safety First!

Kicking It Around Soccer Program

Ages 4-8

At this age, physical activity should always be fun, and part of the child’s daily life. Active play in a safe and challenging environment is the best way to keep children physically active. During the one hour session children will explore their physical world, and experience fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing, etc. Best results happen when children are allowed to explore in a physically rich environment that challenges their physical abilities- just the kind of environment that SportsCan’s Active Start program’s provide.

This program is facilitated by our experienced staff who are leaders in LTAD programming. The program requires active participation by children as they are led though various play stations. Children not only develop essential motor skills but parents can transfer what they learn in the program to their home environment.

This program is a series of instructor lead sessions. Instructors use play and simple activities to help children get involved in games and improve at their own rate . Kicking It Around “Play“ aims to establish a sound base of fundamental movements so children can easily move into basic sport skill development.

Cost: $125.00 + HST  = $129.95 (8 Lessons)

ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed)
Ball Awareness
Physical Activities
Passing & Receiving
Team Work

Exciting Changes Coming Soon! Stay tuned as we transform. Big things are on the horizon!