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Open Gym!

SportsCan knows the importance of “play”. Most creative moves and mastery of skills occurs when athletes are free to try things and feel free to make mistakes without the evaluation from coaches. SportsCan offers open gym times to Ottawa volleyball players through out the year. The purpose of the Open Gym is to help athletes work on skills and prepare for various teams and program tryouts. The session varies in what it is offered but generally there is a warm-up, a few ball control drills and then modified game play.


Open gym for youth. SportsCan will be offering sessions for athletes that want to sharpen their skills or just play the game they love at various times throughout the year. Each court has a limit of 16 Athletes to ensure maximum contacts.

  1. Pre Tryouts (August-September)
  2. Holiday Season (Post Christmas Holidays)
  3. March Break
  4. End of School (June-July)

LOCATION: Rideau Sports Centre, 1 Donald St.


2021  PRE-PRE-Season Open Gym

It has been a long year and a bit!

We are finally getting back to a new norm.

Many athletes have been talking about how much they miss playing volleyball so we have decided to open up our Pre-Tryout Open Gym a little early this year. We will create two stages a Pre-Pre- Tryout Open Gym and  our unusual Pre-Tryout Open Gym.

Both stages will be run the usual way with some warm up drills and then modified game play.

COVIC-19 PROTOCOLS:(First Update)


  1. If you feel unwell please stay home!
  2. Please arrive at the intended time as we do not want extra people in the facility or hanging around in groups.
  3. You must wear a mask when not on the court! That includes entering the Dome, and heading to your assigned pylon.
  4. You are required to the Ottawa Public Health Self Screening checklist. You will be asked at check-in if you have completed it.
  5. Please come dressed with your court clothing. You will be assigned a spot to put your outdoor shoes and one bag. Remember to have your water bottle already full.
  6. There are no spectators allowed. Facility capacity is 50 and we will be at the max 50 or close to it.
  7. Reminder there is to be no intentional contact with friends for any reason.
  8. Bring your own hand sanitizer so you can sanitize when given the opportunity.
  9. Please respect the 2m distance protocol at all times when off the court.
  10. Please leave immediately after your session is over.

2021 Pre-Tryout Open Gym:

**NEW** PRE-Pre Tryout Open Gym

July 26th – August 19th

Pre-Tryout Open Gym

August 23rd – September 9th 

CAPACITY is limited to 12 athletes per court!


PRE-Pre Tryout Open Gym

GIRLS PROGRAMS: 1-Court per group (No session Monday, August 2nd)
17/18U Girls: Monday and Wednesday nigh 8:00 – 10:00pm

16U Girls: Monday and Wednesday night 6:15 – 8:00pm

15U Girls: Monday and Wednesday night 6:15 – 8:00pm

13/14U Girls: Monday and Wednesday night 6:15 – 8:00pm

BOYS PROGRAMS: 1-Court per group:
17/18U Boys: Tuesday and Thursday night 8:00 – 10:00pm

16U Boys: Tuesday and Thursday night 6:00 – 8:00pm

14/15U Boys: Tuesday and Thursday night 6:00 – 8:00pm

Spots are limited to 12 athletes per court.

A minimum of 6 athletes required per court.

We may need to combine age groups to meet minimum numbers.

Please email cwalker@sportscan.ca to inquiry about possible openings.

 COST: PRE-Pre-Tryout Open Gym

  • Full 4-weeks $250 + HST
  • Individual Sessions paid in advance one time payment $35+HST x # of sessions
  • Individual Sessions paid on a on going basis $40 + HST


  • after registration is complete you will be returned to this page and you can pay through the PayPal button.


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** All Payments are non-refundable.**

**Failure to show up for a session will forfeit your spot for all remaining sessions and you will need to register again. NO refund available**