March Break Skill Clinics


– Passing will focus around developing effective movement skills along with ensuring the passers develop a solid platform. After experiencing this clinic athletes should have a clearer understanding of how to increase their efficiency when passing by keying on a few technical and tactical skills.

– Serving is a key part of the game that often gets over looked. Our clinic focus on developing the solid technical skills needed to be accurate along with teaching the tactics used to put opposition on their heals and prevent them from running a strong offense.

– Defense is often the difference maker when trying to win at the highest levels. Our clinic takes the athletes through a series of drills designed to help with their ability to react and maintain optimal body position on the ball while making the play. Our clinic will also have athletes learn the proper recovery techniques such as the front sprawl, Side sprawl, and dive.

– Attacking clinic will focus around the approach and arm mechanics of the attack. Our coaches will guide athletes through the differences in attacking from the LS, Middle and RS of the court. Athletes will also learn the secrets to error management while maintaining an aggressive attack style that is sure to give defenses a difficult time.

– Setting clinic will guide athletes through the core technical and tactical principals behind setting. Our clinic focuses on developing the necessary ability to accelerate and decelerate while maintaining a core balance in their stance. Athletes will learn the secrets to generating power through their hands and how those at the highest level can locate their sets with consistency.

PLEASE NOTE: All clinics are open to both male and female athletes aged 13-16. Each clinic will also have a limit of 28 registrations per clinic.

To our loyal ‘vballers’ we unfortunately will not be running our skill clinics this year.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we will be back next year. Don’t forget to sign up for our summer program! 

Customize Your March Break Camp Experience!

SportsCan is now accepting registrations into all our March Break Volleyball Clinics. All our clinics are geared towards those playing Competitive volleyball between the ages of 13U – 17U (Boys and Girls)All our March Break programs are designed and delivered by Ottawa’s top coaches.


Monday – Passing
Tuesday – Serving
Wednesday – Defense
Thursday – Attacking
Friday – Setting


Franco Cite HS. (Smyth Road)


March TBD


$60+HST per Clinic or ALL 5 for $250+HST

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Team Training Sessions Available

Interested in running a practice for your team during the evening (March 16 -20)?
What about having one of our coaches running a practice for your team that is geared towards any two skills of your teams choice?

If interested please contact Colin Walker at for prices and availability.