Open Gyms & Clinics

SportsCan knows the importance of “play”. Most creative moves and mastery of skills occurs when athletes are free to try things and feel free to make mistakes without the evaluation from coaches. SportsCan offers open gym times to Ottawa volleyball players through out the year. The purpose of the Open Gym is to help athletes work on skills and prepare for various teams and program tryouts. The session varies in what it is offered but generally there is a warm-up, a few ball control drills and then modified game play.


August 21st - Sept. 7th

Note Monday, Sept. 4th Program is ON

Dates: Monday, August 21st – Thursday, September 7th

Location: Franco Cite ES 4-court facility, 623 Symth Rd.


Pre Program Registration and Pay in Advance:

$25 +HST per session, PAY VIA PAYPAL before first session. DEALINE: August 19th.

After Start of Program Registration: (August 20th)


Once you have completed your registration use the PayPal link below  to complete payment.

Note: Age division times and days are subject to change based on registration numbers. Our goal is to provide everyone that wants to get touches can.

Due to limited spots your spot is only secure when you complete registration AND payment.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds unless session or program is cancelled or your original time slot is moved.

Click Age Group for times and court #

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Monday & Wednesday

Court 1: 12/13/14U Girls

Court 2: 15U/16U Girls

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Monday & Wednesday

Court 1 & 2: 17/18U Girls

6:00 PM – 8:00PM 

Tuesday & Thursday

Court 1: 13/14/15U Boys

Court 2: 15/16U Boys

8:00 PM – 10:00PM Tuesday & Thursday

Court 1: 17/18U Boys

Court 2: 17/18U Boys

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Only NON - Club Program in area that brings ALL club players in Ottawa together!!


Make sure you complete the entire registration form. 

Keep clicking on “CONTINUE REGISTRATION”. 

You are done when you get to “SUBMIT”.

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CLINICS: Volleyball Canada's Regional Excellence Program (REP)

SUMMER SKILL CLINICS - June 1st to August 17th

Our clinics are specifically designed for the serious volleyball players who aspire to play at the post-secondary or higher levels. The clinics consists of a 30-minute classroom session on being a high-performance athlete, followed by a 60-minute on-court topic-specific sessions. The program is designed to provide players with advanced skill development and strategic knowledge of the game.

  • Setting/Attacking
  • Defence/Blocking

  • Wednesday:
  • Serve/Receive
  • Ball Control


    • Setting/Attacking
    • Defence/Blocking


    • Serve/Receive
    • Ball Control
    1. Importance of Sleep
    2. How We Learn
    3. Growth Mindset
    4. Mindfulness
    5. Charactertitics of Successful Athletes
    6. Preparing for Post-Secondary Recruiting

    Single Session: $45 +HST

    5-Session Package: $215 + HST

    10-Session Package: $382.50 + HST

    Full Summer Program (20 Sessions): $720 + HST



    June 5 – Aug16

    Monday &  Wednesday nights

    6:45 – 8:15pm

    Boys: CANCELLED for 2023

    June 6th – Augu 17th

    Tuesday & Thursday nights

    6:45 – 8:15pm

    623 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 1N7

    Registration Form

    Refund Policy: * Full Refund before April 30th ** Partial Refund before May 15th. *** No Refund After May 15th **** Full Payment required by May 15th

    Our Philosophy

    The philosophy behind our volleyball skill clinics is rooted in ecological dynamics. This approach recognizes that athletes are complex, adaptive humans that interact with their environment to produce successful outcomes. By focusing on the interactions between the athlete, the ball, and the environment, we can help players develop the skills and strategies necessary to excel on the court.

    Our approach to coaching volleyball skills is based on the principles of nonlinear pedagogy. This means that we prioritize learning through exploration and discovery rather than through prescriptive instruction. We believe that athletes learn best when they are given opportunities to experiment and make mistakes, and then receive feedback that helps them to adjust their actions and improve their performance.

    To put this philosophy into practice, we structure our volleyball skill clinics around game-like situations that simulate the complex, dynamic nature of real volleyball matches. By using drills and exercises that replicate the demands of the game, we create a training environment that is both challenging and engaging for our athletes.

    Throughout our clinics, we emphasize the importance of developing a deep understanding of the game. This includes not only technical skills like serving, passing, and hitting, but also tactical skills like reading the game, making effective decisions, and communicating with teammates. By teaching players to think critically and strategically, we help them to become more adaptable and versatile athletes who can thrive in any situation.

    Ultimately, our philosophy is centered on helping serious athletes to achieve their full potential on the volleyball court. By using ecological dynamics as the foundation of our training approach, we aim to develop players who are not only skilled and competitive, but also creative, resilient, and passionate about the sport of volleyball.


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