Elite Athlete Development Programs




At Practice Session

• Live Delay with Dartfish Technician

$125 + HST per Session, treat Multiple Session Pricing Available, capsule Contact us for details


SportsCan is a licensed provider of the leading edge video analysis software Dartfish.

Our trained Video Coach will travel to your training location and set up the equipment allowing you to transform a regular practice into one where athletes can quickly have their skills captured, played back, compared with others, and analyzed by their own coach, then repeating the process over and over.

Teams who utilize this service quickly witness just how fast and dramatic the changes happen in their athletes performance, making it obvious why so many professional and Olympic teams currently utilize this technology.


Live Delay

Provides a completely hands-free way of reviewing video during training which makes it especially useful for fast and accurate error detection during training. It simply delays the display on the computer screen of the images that the camera continuously observes. For example, a coach might explain adjustments required and then leave the athlete to practice, using LiveAction to confirm the adjustment is being executed correctly.

Simul Cam

This unique patented video technology superimposes one athletic movement over another for precise comparisons as seen during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


StroMotion creates stunning trajectory video footage revealing the evolution of an athlete’s movement, technique, execution and tactics. StroMotion reveals this evolution over space and time in an immediate, intuitive fashion.