Summer Volleyball Academy



Our certified trainers will perform FMS testing for all the athletes. This testing is allow our trainers to identify areas of imbalance through their shoulders, back, hips, and legs. With this information in hand we are able to best provide a conditioning program that helps address each individual athletes needs.Training sessions will take place between their indoor and beach training begining in July. During these training sessions our trainers will focus on the proper execution of each exerciser, providing error detection and correction to ensure optimal performance is being achieved. This program is only available to those participating in the FULL ACADEMY.


The Indoor Academy brings together some of our countries top professional athletes and coaches each summer. In addition to having an outstanding coaching staff we also provide the low coach to athlete ratio of 1:9. This ratio ensures that each athlete is receiving optimal error detection and correction from the coaching staff at every training session. Athletes will have regular use of  video analysis to ensure they have a clear understanding of how they are currently performing a skill and to also identify the changes that are still needed. All this makes the Indoor Academy a perfect fit for the athlete who is serious about taking their game to the highest level and is dedicated to put in the time and effort needed to do so.


Our Beach Academy begins the last week of May and running until August 14th. Our professional coaching staff will guide teams through a seasonal plan of technical and tactical skills designed to prepare them for OVA competitions.

The Competitive Beach Academy is a perfect fit for athletes who are looking for the Club practice environment that is designed to optimize their training efforts and help push past comfort zones in preparation for competition.

Please note that those attending the Competitive Beach Program should be registering with a playing partner who they will train along side to help ensure optimal performance.

Instructional BEACH ACADEMY

Our Regular Beach Academy begins the first week of July and runs for 6.5 weeks.

Similar to our competitive program, athletes will have the opportunity to learn the unique technical and tactical skills used in Beach Volleyball.

This program is geared more for those who are not looking to compete in the OVA Beach events on a regular basis.

Athletes can register as an individual simply looking to develop their beach volleyball skills or as a team that may wish to test their skills at an OVA event during the summer.


Alex Ferris-hitting

Alexis Ferris

SportsCan Academy would like to welcome back for his third year of coaching Alex Ferris….
Alex has been busy the last two years honing his craft with the University of Toronto Blues. For those that have been with us for the last two years you know the passion and dedication Alex bring to the court every day. As well Alex brings the knowledge of what it takes to go from club to university volleyball.Career:
Indoor Volleyball
-Ottawa Mavericks 2008-2011
-Region 6 athlete 2012
-Ottawa Fusion 2012-2014
-University of Toronto rookie of the year nominee 2014-2015
-2nd year player at the University of Toronto 2014-current Beach Volleyball
-SportsCan Academy athlete 2012
-Region 6 athlete 2012
-Team Ontario member 2013
-Youth Olympic games alternate 2014


Myriam English

SportsCan would like to introduce our newest coach to our Academy Program. She has many highlights to an illustrious University career and is presently playing pro in Finland. SportsCan welcomes Myriam English.
Career Highlights:
1. Ottawa Mavericks 2005-2010
2. University of Ottawa Gee Gee
– conference banner 2012-13,
– Canadian All-Rookie team in 2010
– two time first team All-Canadian 2013-14, 2014-15
– OUA All-Rookie and second team All-Star 2010-11
– second team All-Star – 2011-12,
– first team All-Star 2012-13,
– OUA player of the year and first team All-Star 2013-14,
– first team All-Star 2014-15
3. Professional Contract in Finland
– Bronze Medal


 Leah Mousseau


Taylor Walker

Program Length:

May 27th (Competitive Beach Academy) – August 11th
July 4th (Instructional Beach Academy) – August 11th
July 4th (Indoor Academy) – August 18th


We will open Wednesday/ Friday option once Tuesday/Thursday is full.

  • 9:00-11:00am make up sessions (register in book in gym) @ Brookfield HS

Tuesday/ Wednesday:

  • 8:30am-11:00am BEACH@ Mooney’s Bay
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm CONDITIONING @ Mooney’s Bay
  • 2:00pm-4:30pm INDOOR @ Brookfield HS

Thursday/ Friday:

  • 8:30am-11:00pm INDOOR @ Brookfield HS
  • 11:30pm-12:30PM CONDITIOING @ Brookfield HS
  • 2:00pm-4:30pm BEACH @ Mooney’s Bay


May & June
-MaxVolley & Mooney’s Bay (Beach Academy)
July & August
-Mooney’s Bay & OTLC(Beach Academy) & Brookfield H.S. (Indoor Academy)


Full Program 
-$995+HST (Includes Stream #1 Beach Academy)
-$890+HST (Includes Stream #2 Beach Academy)
Indoor Only Program
-$545+HST (Includes Athletic Training)
Beach Only Program
-$575+HST (Stream #1- Completive Program)
-$495+HST (Stream #2- Instructional Program)


-92 Hours of Training with Professional Adult Coaches (Competitive Program)
-70 Hours of Training with Professional Adult Coaches (Regular Program)
-14 Hours of Conditioning with Certified Trainers
-Coach present at local beach tournaments (Competitive Program Only)
-Indoor Practice Shirt
-Beach Tank Top or Sport Bra
-Shorts or Spandex
-Water Bottle
-Video Skill Analysis


*There are no refunds provided on deposit after April 1st, 2017.

**Full payment will be due May 31st for Full Academy and Competitive Beach Programs.

***Full payment will be due June 25th for Indoor Only and Instructional Beach Programs.

****All refunds requested after June 1st will incur a $120 administration fee to cover start up costs. No refunds available after June 15th.

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