Spikers 4 on 4



Our program is based on teaching volleyball and physical literacy that are rooted in the following key concepts;
• Maximize the number of times each participant gets to contact the ball – activities are designed to let them experiment with contacts (e.g. lots of one person, nurse one ball exercises)

• Provide Variety – by asking athletes to contact the ball in a variety of different ways they will be better able to adapt to changing circumstances during game play. Work is done at various speeds (fast, slow), levels (high, low, medium), temporal qualities (hard, soft) and in different directions.

• Promote Success in Every Activity – athletes should never be asked to perform any activity that is beyond their skill level. For example, it is unrealistic to ask children to hit the ball before they know how to catch and throw it. Mini Volleyball provides athletes with REALISTIC GOALS so that they do not become frustrated with any of the activities.

• Modified Games – the “traditional” game of volleyball has been modified to give athletes a greater chance for activity and success. Problems such as immobility and inactivity of players not involved in the play are addressed with a variety of rule changes. Also, a number of progressions of the game are provided so that teachers/coaches can gradually introduce different skills as the athletes gain more control of the ball.

By de-emphasizing the technical aspect of volleyball, and given participants a chance to experiment with different ways of controlling the ball, we hope to provide a fun-based, positive learning experience for athletes.
Each session will have a certified coach for every 12 athletes to ensure a great coach to athlete ratio.


Cost: Spiker 4 on 4 $80.00+HST (8 Lessons)
Time: TBD
Location: TBD