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The Indoor Academy brings together some of our cities top athletes and coaches each summer. In addition to having an outstanding coaching staff we also provide the low coach to athlete ratio. This ratio ensures that each athlete is receiving optimal error detection and correction from the coaching staff at every training session. Athletes will have regular use of  video analysis to ensure they have a clear understanding of how they are currently performing a skill and to also identify the changes that are still needed. All this makes the Indoor Academy a perfect fit for the athlete who is serious about taking their game to the highest level and is dedicated to put in the time and effort needed to do so.



– Passing will focus around developing effective movement skills along with ensuring the passers develop a solid platform. At the end of the summer athletes should have a clearer understanding of how to increase their efficiency when passing by keying on a few technical and tactical skills.

– Serving is a key part of the game that often gets overlooked. Our program focuses on developing the solid technical skills needed to be accurate along with teaching the tactics used to put opposition on their heals and prevent them from running a strong offense.

– Defense is often the difference maker when trying to win at the highest levels. Our program takes the athletes through a series of drills designed to help with their ability to react and maintain optimal body position on the ball while making the play. Our program will also have athletes learn the proper recovery techniques such as the front sprawl, Side sprawl, and dive.

– Attacking sessions will focus around the technical: approach, jump and arm mechanics of the attack and tactical: cue reading the block, and using the block. Our coaches will guide athletes through the differences in attacking from the LS, Middle and RS of the court. Athletes will also learn the secrets to error management while maintaining an aggressive attack style that is sure to give defenses a difficult time.

– Setting sessions will guide athletes through the core technical and tactical principals behind setting. Our clinic focuses on developing the necessary ability to accelerate and decelerate while maintaining a core balance in their stance. Athletes will learn the secrets to generating power through their hands and how those at the highest level can locate their sets with consistency.


  1. Program is open to male athletes aged 14-16. Each clinic will have a limit of 20 registrations per program. We will have access to 2 courts for each session. 
  2. Athletes 17+ are encouraged to register for the Off Season High Performance Training Program offered for College and University Athletes 
  3. We will set our scheduled times so you can work with the Capital Strength Summer Program. 


  • Day Time Program: Click Here
  • Evening Program: Tuesday & Thursday 12U-14U 5:30 – 7:00 pm & 15U-16U7:30 – 9:00 pm


  • Day: Franco Cite (CONFIRMED)
  • Evening Program: Fracno Cite ES

DATES: July 4th – August 17th

COST: Evening Program $450+HST or $40+HST for Individual Sessions


**There are no refunds provided on deposit after May 1st, 2018.

***Full payment will be due June 15th.

****All refunds requested after June 15th will incur a $100 administration fee to cover start-up costs. No refunds available after June 25th.


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