Elite Athlete Development Programs




Single Individual Session

• 60-90 Minute Session

$75 + HST per Session

Multiple Individual Sessions:

• 60-90 Minute Session

Special Pricing based on number of sessions, medications no rx contact us for details

Single Team Session

• 60-90 Minute Session

$150 + HST per Session

Team Program: Contact us for details

• Package Deal
• This will include 6 team training session of your choice and ongoing support through out the season. This may take the form to emails, tadalafil phone calls and face to face communication.


Teams can arrange for our Mental Training Coach to travel to their training locations, search where workshops can be provided to athletes, coaches, and parents prior to or following their regular training schedule. There is also the option to attend our facility for any requested workshop.


• Individual Workshops

Our Mental Training Coach will work one on one with the athlete for various athletic scenarios. From planning for a major competition to facing the “yips” in a golf swing. Our experienced coaches will help the athlete develop a game plan and provide exercises to help achieve the indented goal.

• Team Workshops

Our Mental Training Coach will provide athletes, coaches, and parents with a series of mental training skills needed to achieve optimal performance both in training and competition. Each skill is delivered through a curriculum designed to introduce, develop and refine the various skills.
Curriculums for the various workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Goal Setting (Team & Individual, Yearly & Daily)
  • Imagery, Mental Rehearsal (Visualization)
  • Stress Management (Relaxation, Self Talk)
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Creating the OPS (Optimal Performance State)
  • Planning for Success (Recovery, Routine, Action Plans)