High Performance Off Season Training

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SportsCan High Performance Off Season Program

SportsCan newest program is geared towards the University/ College athlete and the 17/18U athlete heading to University/ College in the next year looking to maximize their off-season training. We know the issues facing the student-athlete during the summer, you need to spend the summer to earn enough money to cover your school year but you also need to get into the gym to maximize athletic gains and improve individual skills to ensure your spot on the team come September.

With the minimal time available to athletes and the different needs of each student-athlete we have a variety of programs and affordable prices to meet your time and needs.



We have teamed up with Chris Swartz and his FitQuest team to provide the best athletic training available.
You will have a variety of options to choose from that best suits your needs.

Program: FitQuest’s certified trainers will perform individual testing for all athletes. This testing allows Chris and his team of trainers to identify areas of imbalance through your shoulders, back, hips, and legs. With this information in-hand they are able to best provide a training program that helps address your individual athletic needs.

During these training sessions FitQuest trainers will focus on the proper execution of each exercise, providing error detection and correction to ensure optimal performance is being achieved. Training sessions will take place at the OAC FitQuest location and the Bell Sensplex FitQuest location.DM Alt PiegonTo Register for the FitQuest Program or Learn more CLICK HERE


We have two courts booked to allow for a variety of training opportunities.
  1. Self Directed: Get the touches to keep you sharp, or work on a specific need. Working with other area players design and run your own drill/games to meet your off season goals.
  2. Individual Technical Support: Work with Ottawa’s top coaches: (Judi Shaum-Mousseau, Colin Walker just to name a few) to get feedback and support in developing your game for the upcoming season. This program is perfect for the 17U, 18U and University/ College players looking to solidify your spot or make sure you are ready to earn your spot in September. Don’t leave it to chance!
There is 12 weeks  or 35 sessions available to upgrade your skills.



Coach Colin Walker

Colin has been coaching at a variety of levels from elementary school to National Youth Program and everything in between for the last 30 years. He brings a wealth of experience in athlete development. He has been coaching in the OVA and high school since 1988. In that time he has coached all levels of athlete at both genders. He has taken on various high performance roles as Regional Head Coach, Provincial Team Assistant Coach, and twice Provincial Team Head Coach. Most recently, he completed his 3rd consecutive tour as the Region 6 Head Coach for Ontario Summer Games- Beach Volleyball. As well, he was part of Volleyball Canada’s National Youth Program Men’s 17U Summer Program last year and this year he will be with the 16U Youth Select National Men’s Team.


Coach Judi Shaum-Mousseau

SportsCan Academy would like to introduce


SportsCan Academy would like to introduce

 Coach TBA

SportsCan Academy would like to introduce

2018 On Court Program Dates:

  1. DEVELOPMENT to CONOLIDATION: June 5th to June 23rd
  2. CONSOLIDATION TO REFINEMENT: June 26th – August 4th **no session Monday, July 3rd & August 7th
  3. PREPARATION for TRYOUTS: August 9th – August 31st

Schedule & Locations: Monday & Wednesday for Females & Tuesday & Thursday for Males: (changes for Phase 3)

  1. Athletic Training: 6:45-8:00pm @ OAC
  2. Athletic Training: 7:00-8:15pm @ Bell Sensplex, Kanata
  3. On Court: 8:30-10:00pm @ Franco Cite

2018 On Court COST: (Fitquest Costs contact FitQuest directly)

Full Program June 4th-August 31st

  1. On-Court Sessions with Technical Support: $450.00+HST
  2. On-Court Sessions: $312.00+HST
  3. FitQuest Registered Athletes: $435.00+HST


  1. On-Court Sessions with Technical Support: $135.00+HST (3 weeks – 6 sessions)
  2. On-Court Sessions: $77.00+HST (3 weeks – 6 sessions)
  3. FitQuest Registered Athletes: $130.00+HST (3 weeks – 6 sessions)


  1. On-Court Sessions with Technical Support: $315.00+HST (7 weeks – 14 sessions)
  2. On-Court Sessions: $180.00+HST (7 weeks – 14 sessions)
  3. FitQuest Registered Athletes: $300.00+HST (7 weeks – 14 sessions)

PHASE 3: PREPARATION for TRYOUTS August 13th-August 31st (3 weeks – 6 sessions) Please note dates: On Court dates will change to accommodate Pre-tryout open gym.

  1. On-Court Sessions with Technical Support: $135.00+HST (3 weeks – 6 sessions)
  2. On-Court Sessions: $77.00+HST (3 weeks – 6 sessions)
  3. FitQuest Registered Athletes: $130.00+HST (3 weeks – 6 sessions)

Individual Court Sessions (Must register in advance)

  1. On-Court Sessions with Technical Support: $25+HST
  2. On-Court Sessions: $15.00+HST


**Full payment will be due May 27th for ALL Programs.

***Payment plan available, contact cwalker@sportscan.ca for more details


*There are no refunds provided AFTER JUNE 1st.
** Refunds requested before June 1st will be assed a $25 admin fee.