Elite Athlete Development Programs




Athletic & Mobility Testing

• Includes written report

$35 + HST per Athlete

Athletic Training Single Team Session

• 60 Minute Session

$150 + HST per Session

Athletic Training Multiple Team Sessions: Special Pricing available, medicine contact us for details


Our certified Athletic Conditioning Coach will work with you to deliver an appropriate program to ensure accelerated windows of trainability are maximized and the conditioning program fits within your seasonal plan to enable the athletes to peak as appropriate. As well the Conditioning Coach will help the athletes learn how they can accelerate their recovery and regeneration after training and competition through proper stretching and other techniques.


Mobility Testing

Before any conditioning program is undertaken a full athletic mobility test should be performed on each athlete; this will identify any imbalances, shop injuries that have not healed properly and weaknesses in the athlete. Our team of Conditioning Coaches will properly assess each athlete and provide an individual report identifying any areas of concern.

Sport Specific Program Design & Delivery

Our certified trainers create sport specific training programs that are tailored to your teams seasonal plan. Our programs can include on site solutions where our trainer travels to your training location to introduce and administer your teams training sessions each week. With each team program, our trainers take into account any individual athlete needs that are revealed in the athletic & mobility tests to ensure optimal development and performance.