The SportsCan Summer Badminton Club is geared to those badminton players looking to keep their game going throughout the summer. Our facility is climate control and hosts 6 top notch courts.

2019 Program Details

Location: Franco Cite ES, 623 Smyth Rd, gym is located at the back of the east parking lot.

Date: June 1st to August 24th

Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm


  1. 4-courts Open court, challenge court format. 
    • Doubles play is the dominate format of play, when there is room single play is permitted.
  2. 2-Courts, reserved court option at a $5 + HST extra fee for a 90-minute session. Book by emailing


  1. Full Membership: $110 + HST
    • full access to all open gym courts for all days
    • privilege of bringing in friends at a reduced cost.
    • privilege to book private court for a reduced cost.
  2. Non-Member Daily Fee w Member: $6.50 + HST
    • access to the open gym courts for evening
  3. Non-Member Daily Fee: $10 + HST
    • access to the open gym courts for the evening