ADULT OPEN GYM: Volleyball & Badminton

Adult Open Gym is an opportunity to play volleyball and Badminton with friends or meet new ones.

No refs no scores kept or standings. Just play!

  1. 6 Badminton Courts
  2. 4 Volleyball Courts
  3. Register for the level of play you are looking for.
  4. Register for the position you want to play (volleyball).
  5. Each court will be limited to 8 players per side (volleyball).
Date: Holiday Season Dates Dec. 28th, cialis 29th, site 30th & Jan. 2nd, link & 3rd.

Available Spots Update:

Dec. 28th: SOLD OUT,

Dec. 29th: room on all courts, 19 spots all levels available, we will arrange groups by skill level, athletes will have the ability to move to a court that suits their level of play.

Dec. 30th: CANCELLED

Jan. 2nd: Intermediate Court Court 11 spots, please see definition as there is no ability to open up another court

Jan. 3rd: room at all levels, 27 spots all levels available

Time: 7:00 PM -9:00 PM

Location: Franco Cite ES, new gym


  • $12+HST per time with pre-online registration,
  • $17.50+HST per time when you show up without registration and there is no guarantee their will be room.

Definition of Levels:

Advanced: Played Club Level, University, College, or play in Top 4 tiers of OCVL or Similar adult League

Intermediate: Played High School, Club Level, or play in Top 1/2 of OCVL or similar league. Expect three contacts on most rallies with an aggressive attack attempted on third contact.

Beginner: Played High School, play in recreational leagues or pick up. Understand that the game is played with three contacts but not important that it occurs on every rally. Enjoy playing and emphasis on having fun rather then the exact skill of the contacts.


Level of Plan
Contact Info

** Please note we need a minimum online registrations to open the gym. If we do not reach our minimum number of 12 registrations we will not open the gym. Thus it is better to register ahead of time to ensure you have a spot and you are notified if the session is cancelled.

** if you would like to secure a court for a group please contact us for availability and cost

Email to reserve your spot or for more information!

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