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After School Instructional Programs

SportsCan is proud to once again this offer it's leading edge after school instructional program. This year we are expanding athlete development opportunities to Fielding Drive PS. Or knowledgeable and caring staff will be bring their skills and programs to Fielding to continue to build Physical Literacy amongst our young children. Following the guidelines of LTAD SportsCan after school instructional programs develop fundamental movement skills, general sport skills, and promote healthy active living through free play, guided activites and instructional programs.

For less then then $55 a week! It is PLAY WITH PURPOSE!


Holiday Break Open Gym

Sportscan has secured quality facilities at Franco Cite ES new gym complex for the holidays. Our mission is to provide the Ottawa amateur athlete community with the opportunity to participate in "A Class" facilities at a reasonable price. Our open gym focuses on providing quality facilities with quality organization and administration. We want to provide lots of "PLAY" and "LIMITED SITING".

We are offering VOLLEYBALL during the Holiday Season!


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Holiday Open Gym

SportsCan is offering Ottawa Youth Volleyball Athletes an opportunity to keep their skills inf top form before club season restarts. Get back into the gym with two hours of drills and modified game play. The goal of the 2-hours is to refresh existing skills.

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2016 VCCE-Ottawa

Ottawa's own Volleyball Canada's Center of Excellence. This program is for those athlete's like CIS Rookie of the Year and Senior Women's National Team member Alina Dorman, or Alexandre Nsakanda Youth Boys National Team Member come to train to upgrade their individual technical skills to national and international levels. Lead by expert coach Colin Walker athletes use technology to break down and build up their individual skills to international levels. The program is in addition to the excellent club programs run in the area. Ottawa VCCE works with the athlete's club coach to ensure training loads are appropriate for the athlete to ensure maximal training objectives can be met. 2016-17 Season has started but it is not to late to sign up!



  • “Thanks again for your support and for Jeff’s support as well. Alexis really appreciates the time she has spent with Jeff getting ready for Nationals. Her meeting with Jeff really helped her with her frame of mind during the last camp. She was able to be consistent because of the mental training she did when she was there. It is a huge asset for her.”

    -France Martel, Mom of 21U Canadian Soccer National Team Player Alexis
  • “Summer Vball Academy: The girls really liked Jeff and thought his coaching was excellent.”

  • “I’d like to start with high praise of the existing program. We’ve had both boys enrolled in all the SportsCan programs they’ve been eligible for. We’re evangelist for the program(s) and the fine work that is done by Jeff and the staff at Bayview.”

    -Chris Cummings, Parent
  • “The approach that Jeff and the team take has given our boys a richer experience then any of the programs out there. Between the creative play, tadalafil sports education, fair play approach and general mentorship of the staff, we are huge proponents of the programs.”

    -Chris Cummings, Parent
  • “Finley has had a wonderful experience with Jeff and the gang at Bayview After School Program.”

    -Jen, Mom


Interesting Fact of the Week- Hydration

Spring is here and we turn our attention to outside activities. This is a good time to remind everyone that with exercise we need to hydrate. The Importance of Hydration Fluid replacement is a key part of a winning sports nutrition plan. Unlike adults, there young athletes have a harder time cooling the body during[Read More...]